Tahiti Dreamin’

That familiar itching sensation began to venture from my feet to my mind. The time where travel dreaming rears it’s wonderful, exhilarating, sometimes nerve-racking head.

Travel can be about dreams. Distant dreams and new dreams. The thrill of bringing up a dream that one had as a child and making it a realization is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. With it comes expectations, how can the reality of a dream be as wonderful as what the mind created so long ago?

My mind remembers a little girl with bright eyes and big dreams, of one day, being on a castaway island in the South Pacific where palm trees move to the rhythm of the breeze, Sweet coconuts and juicy fruits lay plentiful across the islands. Where the sounds of the wild ocean crash along the reef and draw to the calm and serenity of picturesque blue lagoons. With the warmth of the summer sun casting shadows over the island and birds fluttering and squawking throughout the jungle.

And so it began… TAHITI!

Could I possibly make another childhood dream a reality?

My watch calls ‘late’ as we wander weary-eyed with our luggage out of Papeete airport and see our driver waiting with our name card. I am here, will the dream let me down? And within minutes we are speeding along winding roads to the mountain side of Tahiti Island. Midnight has arrived and slow light rain has begun to fall. Dogs lay along the roads adhering to the warmth of the days sunshine. And just like that, we slow into a steep winding rutted road that leads to our Robinson Crusoe experience.

We are walking with our driver to our hut, soft rain resting upon us. This cannot be it? Are you sure this is the right place? The driver says “yes”, and welcomes us warmly and bids us farewell.

I am standing in awe! I cannot believe that we are here. Smiling like a little girl with heart fluttering and realizing the perfection of a dream, even while standing in the darkness with only soft lantern light and rain falling onto high thatched rooves.

It is already beyond our dreams. And this feeling is what we hunger for and travel for.

Our bungalow Ofai sat atop of the mountains overlooking the spectacular gardens amid the jungle with beautiful ocean views. It was truly open to the elements, where amid a thunderstorm we could watch with wide-eyed wonder the lightning and heavy rain teaming down the mountainside. The roar of the ocean as it pounded and crashed the reefs was exhilarating, as was the calm incredible blue coloured lagoons. The wondrous sensation of being in a movie.

We will never forget this amazing experience of the feeling of being on a castaway island, far far away, happy and dreaming of Robinson Crusoe in the South Pacific.

IMG_3028 (2)20170620_105034

IMG_3078 (2)



IMG_2948 (2)



IMG_3620IMG_3382IMG_3263 (2)IMG_3735IMG_3608

20170628_085814 (2)



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